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Without an additional S for Security – the benefits of SMAC may not be realised

In this latest blog in a series deconstructing the Logicalis Global CIO study, Ruediger Rath, Head of Europe for Logicalis, explores SMACS and its disruptive powers in business. SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) is the idea that four technologies are driving business innovation in our new digitally defined world. However, these game-changing technologies are for […]

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Big Data Services

Dealing with Really Big Data – Hardware or software?

Rodrigo Parreira looks at the model that data behemoths like Google, Facebook and Amazon adopted to cope with a requirement to process and store huge quantities of big data – a model that is on the verge of going mainstream – and asks “how do they do it?” In the early 2000s, IT giants like Google, […]

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SDDC – Generate revenue in 4 hours, not 14 days

David Angradi, Director, Software Defined Data Centre Solutions, Logicalis US looks at how implementing a software-defined data centre (SDDC) can have a dramatic effect on how long it takes you to start generating income. Following a recent SDDC implementation a Logicalis client – a SaaS provider – slashed the time it took to provision new […]

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Eight Ways DevOps in the Cloud Delivers Competitive Advantage

Brian Day, Director of Solution Development for Logicalis US, looks at the business benefits of DevOps in the cloud and concludes that CxOs should be making sure their teams are addressing this important area. As IT becomes more responsive to ever-changing business needs, the DevOps (development and operations) philosophy – more of an organisational cultural change than […]

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SMAC – Social, mobile, analytics or cloud?

As CIOs begin a fightback against Shadow IT, engaging with line of business to reshape IT departments as internal service providers, Joanne Nelson looks at their technology priorities. Social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies, collectively known as SMAC, have garnered a great deal of media attention over the last 12 months. But is this hype reflected […]

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8 ways the CIO can transform the IT department – and survive

Logicalis is currently examining the shift from technology-focused to services-led IT through its third Global Survey ‘CIO Pressures and Priorities’. Joanne Nelson, VP of International Market for Logicalis Group identifies eight ways a CIO can transform the IT department. Consumerisation of technology means it is available to everybody, not just specialists. Cloud technology has shifted […]

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The Private Cloud – what it is not

A firm definition of the ‘private cloud’ is at best transient and at worst, well, cloudy. Kevin Gruneisen sets out a simpler definition – what a private cloud is not. Microsoft explains on its Technet website that “A private cloud is a cloud that is provisioned and managed on-premises by an organisation. The private cloud […]

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Three ways to overcome barriers to converged infrastructure

Given the abundant benefits of a move to converged infrastructure, Brett Anderson, Director Cloud and Data Centre Solutions, asks why so many CIOs are still struggling to persuade boardrooms to commit to this important step in their IT strategy. Our research and experience shows that opposition to a converged strategy is more often political than […]

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If your cloud mirrors your on-premise environment, you’re doing it wrong.

Kevin Gruneisen, Senior Director, Cloud and Data Center Solutions, Logicalis US explains why resolving on-premise infrastructure issues is a vital precursor to any successful journey to the cloud. More and more companies are establishing cloud strategies as the benefits of a move away from on-premise continue to crystalise.  But how many, have included in that […]

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Five points to consider as you develop a cloud strategy

The buzz around the cloud is very real. It offers considerable business agility, cost efficiencies and service improvements. What the buzz doesn’t tell you is that getting to the point where the cloud brings these benefits to your organisation isn’t easy. Mike Martin, Senior Vice President, Solutions & Services for Logicalis asks: What do you need […]

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