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Kevin Clark

About Kevin Clark

Kevin Clark, Solution Architect, Logicalis

Kevin's chief areas of expertise are managed services, and cloud computing. Kevin joined Logicalis in 1999, subsequently designing and managing the creation of the Logicalis Enterprise Business Operations Centre (EBOC) - the foundation for Logicalis’ managed services offering.
Within the Logicalis outsourcing team, Kevin is known as the “infrastructure guy” and has expertise that spans systems, networks, storage and applications. A classic example of solutions he has designed is the disaster recovery solution he developed for Total Safety of Houston, which leverages the Logicalis Enterprise Cloud Platform in Cincinnati. The solution replicates Total Safety’s data centre and enables uninterrupted operations in the event of a disaster at its hurricane-prone Houston facility.
Before joining Logicalis, Kevin was Senior Support Analyst, Information Technologies for Cincinnati Bell where he was responsible for managing a team of system administrators providing systems analysis, installation, end user support and team building with Cincinnati Bell Telephone.