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Big Data and Cloud: The perfect business partners

| 5th April 2021 | No Comments

A key component to the pandemic response, most businesses were forced to move their operations at least in part to the cloud to enable secure remote working. As we begin to emerge from the pandemic and businesses reassess their needs, there is an opportunity for them to look to leverage the benefits of Big Data too.

The evolution of Big Data and Cloud

Over the last few years, the amount of data collected by companies has increased exponentially. As technology has improved and usage increase, so too has the amount of data generated by organisations. Known as Big Data, these large digital data outputs can be from anything from sensors, to sales information. This rapid growth of data collection was at one point seen as a serious issue. With such an incredibly large amount it was challenging for businesses to turn these mountains of information into useable or actionable information. However, the evolution of cloud helped to change that.

Cloud computing environments are uniquely able to absorb large amounts of data, storing and perhaps more importantly, analysing the data to provide clear insights. Cloud infrastructure allows for real-time processing of Big Data and happens at a fraction of the time it used to. A perfect match, the two together can help businesses succeed.

Business benefits

Improved analysis

As cloud technology and infrastructure continues to advance, so does Big Data analysis. With the ability to easily integrate data from numerous sources, the cloud unlocks improved analysis and with-it better insights into the business itself and your customers.

Faster decision making

Analysing information instantly, cloud enables businesses to extract the true value of Big Data based on deeper and richer insights.  

Simplified infrastructure

Utilising cloud’s flexible infrastructure means that services can be scaled as needed to manage workloads. Big Data may provide variable workloads but with cloud you have the opportunity to scale just as fast.

Taking the next step

When implemented during a business’ digital transformation, they can offer an incredible range of benefits to a business. From staying ahead of the competition, to surfacing potential new revenue streams and informing the development of new customer offerings, they help to unlock future agility and success. Taking the next step to revolutionise your business? Logicalis’ Production Ready Cloud can transform your business with a scalable and secure cloud platform, delivered in a fast, cost effective manner to help you unlock the power of Big Data.

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