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How to unlock resources with managed services

| 15th February 2021 | No Comments

Most IT directors have been fighting an ongoing battle to keep technology infrastructures from suffering a cataclysmic breakdown for years. There never seems to be enough time, staff or the resource to complete proactive strategic projects that IT directors want to do that would help to move the business forward.

Though they typically spend most of their time and budget focused on the demands of the infrastructure, there is still a need to be available for 24×7 support and on top of all of that cut costs.

The good news is that there is a solution to this need which offers fully staffed, state-of-the-art IT resources through managed services at a price point mid-sized companies can afford.

The typical drivers to look for a managed service solution, such as, high internal costs of resource and management, difficulty in sourcing the correct technical skills and expertise and the need to reduce IT complexity whilst focusing on strategic issues are all too common across businesses in every industry. 

More than a quick fix for a short-term crisis, managed services represent a paradigm shift for IT departments away from doing everything themselves, freeing up internal departments for strategic projects.

In recent months, having revolutionised working practices for every other department, IT departments are now taking their turn. The technology has been proved with virtually no latency for remote connections regardless of distance.

Aided by economies of scale, sophisticated tool sets and teams of highly qualified engineers, managed services can support an organisation’s infrastructure for much less than the cost of supporting it internally and at a higher level.

Outsourcing the management of IT is a proven way to increase services levels, and in many cases decrease costs, but only if it’s done right. Identifying the right managed services partner is crucial, as well as assessing their services, policies and way they conduct business. Done right businesses can benefit from access to engineers with high-level and diverse expertise, implement service management best practices, benefit from predictable monthly costs and stringent service-level agreements, reduce downtime and focus on supporting strategic business initiatives that build competitive advantage. 

Managed services offer an opportunity to improve existing infrastructure and free up existing resource to focus on strategic business initiatives in one hit.

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