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Runners-up in the Global Innovation Challenge look to improve health in rural populations

| 26th November 2020 | No Comments

Earlier this year we launched the Global Innovation Challenge, providing employees the opportunity to develop innovative solutions that addresses societal or environmental issues to help build a better world. Following a highly competitive final, Team Idea Bloc from Asia were announced as the second-place winners.

They had looked to find a solution to the gap in healthcare facilities treating outpatients in urban and rural environments. Their solution looks to resolve access issues to healthcare services and reduces physical hospital visits, aiming to have a big impact in improving overall health in rural populations.

In the initial stages of the challenge they quickly realised that healthcare was an area which could be digitised and developed further. In this era of digital transformation, it is still relatively undeveloped despite the ongoing global pandemic. Rather than simply extending a telehealth solution they wanted to dig down further to the root of healthcare issues for patients who need it most.

After conducting extensive background research, interviewing doctors, studying journals, surveys and statistics from the World Health Organisation, they designed RHAMP – a Remote Health Monitoring Platform. The integrated platform enables remote patient monitoring, teleconsultation between doctors and patients, and collaboration on challenging cases between doctors. The platform will be designed to be sold to healthcare providers, but the service will be used by both providers and patients.

Aimed at providing a better equality of access for those in rural communities as well as urban environments, it improves accessibility to healthcare services through remote clinics with patients being able to report symptoms or changes in conditions straight to their doctors. Hopefully it will help make the world a little healthier!

Team Idea Bloc said, “We really enjoyed participating in the event, helping companies to find technological innovations using Cisco DevNet, which has a big impact socially and environmentally. We hope that everyone sees the spirit of digital transformation that we have within Logicalis and the positive effects that innovation can have on a business in the future.” All regional winners will be able to access some level of funding to take their solution forward and we look forward to seeing Team Idea Bloc develop their solution further.

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