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Being of service during the crisis

| 2nd April 2020 | No Comments

There are several silver linings around the dark cloud that Covid-19 has brought to our lives. The news is grim but there are many stories of heroic efforts that have emerged from this testing period.  Frontline workers helping the sick, community leaders organising local support where needed, friends are reconnecting online and neighbours are checking in on each other. Businesses are also playing their part, with many pivoting production lines and resources towards the global effort to fight this virus.

From a technology perspective, it is clear that IT is crucial in this battle, whether that’s ensuring businesses remain resilient in this time of adversity or ensuring home working is as effective and secure as it can be.

One of the advantages of being part of a global business is our reach.  I’ve heard stories from across the Logicalis family where teams have gone way beyond the call of duty to keep businesses, healthcare facilities and educational institutes up and running.  These stories are inspiring but they also demonstrate solutions that other businesses may learn from.  We want to be of service during this crisis and part of that commitment means sharing our expertise.  We know that the impact of Covid-19 is inconsistent across different countries and, with that in mind, I will be conducting a virtual media tour over the coming weeks in order to help other businesses benefit from the experiences we have gained around the world so far.

Of course, this will help us tell only part of the story.  We will also be publishing details about projects that we think may be of interest to other organisations, via this blog and on social media. I genuinely hope that this helps some organisations to see what is possible, whilst we are all dealing with what was previously unthinkable.

Bob Bailkoski

CEO Logicalis Group

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