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Seven articles about the Internet of Things (IoT)

| 19th October 2015 | No Comments

We first talked about the Internet of Things in 2012.  Back then we suggested CxOs start asking questions about how it might benefit their customers. Here we highlight seven articles we have published about the Internet of Things, or IOT.

Bristol is Open

The Internet of Things – IoT

The Internet of things – can objects get social?

Ian Cook looks at the Internet of things and asks how this idea might manifest itself and, more importantly, what businesses should be doing to capitalise on the concept.

Get Ready for the Internet of Things – Part 1

In the first of a two-part series, Lucas Pinz, senior technology manager, PromonLogicalis, looks at evolution of the Internet of Things – the technology ecosystem that will enable it and the tangible benefits it will deliver – and points out that this new, hyper-connected reality is almost upon us.

Get Ready for the Internet of Things – Part 2

In the second of a two-part series, Lucas Pinz looks at how the Internet of Things will transform the ICT industry – and assesses the challenges that must still be overcome if the opportunities inherent in a new, hyper-connected world are to be realised.

The ‘Generation of Things’ Has Arrived

Chris Gabriel looks at Logicalis UK’s seventh Realtime Generation survey of UK teens.  With smart cities, the IoT and wearables already upon us, it’s the most revealing yet!

Why the GoT is more valuable to the global economy than the IoT

A free gift, a smart 11 year-old and a lightbulb moment have Chris Gabriel asking if the Generation of Things (GoT) is of greater value to the world’s economies than the Internet of Things (IoT).

SDx and The Software Defined City

Chris Gabriel looks at how a UK city is deploying SDN to create a technology-agnostic citywide network that will allow driverless car experiments, traffic and environmental sensor networks, and smart energy grid management.

So what is this Internet of Things?

Richard Alexander explains why the Internet of Things (IoT) is so much more than fridges that tell us the milk has gone bad, or that you’re running low on eggs – and what its sheer scale means for vendors and service providers.


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