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Green IT isn’t dead. It’s healthier than ever – under a new name

Chris Gabriel takes a sidelong look at yesterday’s fad, green IT, and finds what we all knew ten years ago – when it comes to eco-friendly IT, necessity is the mother of adoption. In December 2007 a survey was published and presented in the UK House of Commons called “An Inefficient Truth”.  It highlighted some of […]

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The Video Games?

The London Olympics will leave many legacies; social, cultural, sporting and infrastructure. But, Tom Kelly argues, a lesser hailed legacy will come in response to overcrowded public transport, busier roads and packed accommodation – the rise of Video Conferencing and TelePresence. For some a quick solution to avoiding the predicted disruption will be to take […]

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Has video collaboration come of age?

Rodrigo Parreira, CEO of Logicalis Latin America, explores the latest developments in video collaboration asking, ‘Now the user experience lives up to expectations, has the technology come of age as a tool for global collaboration? Has video collaboration come of age? The potential cost benefits of video conferencing have always been compelling. However, until recently, […]

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