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Enterprise Innovation

Enterprise innovation: three strategies for CEOs to consider

Oliver Descoeudres from Logicalis Australia, outlines three strategies available to leaders to make enterprise innovation a reality. These include acquired innovation, organic innovation, and partner-led innovation.  1. Acquired innovation For many large corporations, acquisitions are the primary means to enterprise innovation. Taking over another company fast-tracks growth by granting the buyer immediate access to skills, […]

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Christmas gifts and the tech leaders of the future

Chris Gabriel takes a look at technology based Christmas gifts and how the IT leaders of the future may well be influenced by what they receive this year. As Christmas draws closer, ‘pester-power’ is reaching a crescendo. Parents around the world are being nagged to buy the very latest offerings from all manner of sellers hopeful […]

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What is your IT department doing about IPv6?

In the second of a three part series, Lucas Pinz, Senior Technology Manager at PromonLogicalis in Brazil assesses global progress towards IPv6 adoption, pointing out – if you don’t know what your IT department is doing about it, it’s time to find out. In short, if your business has not developed a plan for implementing […]

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Real time education for the Real Time Generation

BYOD isn’t the only way to embed technology in education, says Chris Gabriel. The Real Time Generation survey, the results of which we released late last year, highlighted young people’s attitudes to technology in general, and technology in education in particular. Once again, the results demonstrated the extend to which modern technology and smart devices […]

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The Internet of things – can objects get social?

Ian Cook looks at the Internet of things and asks how this idea might manifest itself and, more importantly, what businesses should be doing to capitalise on the concept. It’s not news that there are now more devices connected to the internet than there are people in the world. In the main these devices are […]

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Is Your Organisation at the Edge of Innovation? It’s Time IT Applied the Final Push

Chris Gabriel, VP of Solutions Management at Logicalis Group, thinks ICT has too often been a limiting factor when it comes to innovation at the organisational edge.  He argues that the time, and the technology, is right for change. Is your organisation at the edge of innovation?  It’s time IT applied the final push For […]

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