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Digital Transformation - Becoming Digital vs Doing Digital

Becoming Digital vs Doing Digital

Tim Wadey, Advisory Services Engagement Director, Logicalis UK asks what your approach to Digital Transformation is and what the structure should look like. All modern companies are looking at digital transformation, and the key decision they need to make is whether to “become digital” or to “do digital”. “Becoming digital” is deciding to turn the […]

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CIA and Cyber Security

Think security, think CIA – but we’re not talking spies and sleuths The threat of cyber-attack is increasing every year, and only recently have we read about Dixon Carphone’s huge data breach last year. It’s bad for customers and it’s bad for business. According to figures published by the Online Trust Alliance, 2017 was the worst […]

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Technology and branding

Brand and Technology – How the Digital Experience Affects Brand Loyalty

Joanne Nelson, VP International Marketing, Logicalis, looks at the technology user experience and its influence on brand perception. Marketing departments have long been key technology drivers – until recently with the consent of the IT department. The tech team have been more than happy to support laptops with PowerPoint installed, specialist marketing software and customer […]

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IoT Configuration Management

IoT Configuration Management – 3 Crucial Questions

Mike Alley, Service Management Principal, Logicalis US, looks at the burning need for a configuration management framework in the face of 21 billion IoT “things’. From weighing scales and robotics in manufacturing plants to smart security, smart buildings and smart transportation initiatives, IT leaders in nearly every industrial vertical market will soon be inundated with the […]

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Modern Workspace - 8 Technologies

The Modern Workspace – 8 enabling technologies

Oliver Descoeudres, from Logicalis Australia, describes the eight technologies that are enabling the modern workspace. Over the last decade, new ways of working have evolved as the consumerisation of technology has driven new expectations around flexible working and ‘everywhere access’ to data. The volume of work being done on digital platforms and mobile devices is growing […]

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What is Ransomware? A C-Suite Quick Guide

Significant attention is being given in the news across the world to active and emerging cyber attacks. Alastair Broom,  takes a look at one of those: Ransomware – to ask what it is and how some organisations are dealing with it. Dip into tech headlines across the world and it is clear that cyber attacks are […]

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Digitised Network

How a Digitised Network can Securely Transform Your Business

Mike Johnson, Director of Technical Sales for Logicalis US, looks at how a digitised network can help you transform your business without sacrificing security. The network is, and will always be, the foundation for IT services delivered to end-users and, increasingly, to customers. As technology leaders, therefore, we should be looking at how digitising the network […]

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Five cyber security questions CIOs must be able to answer…

Given the eye watering costs that can be incurred when security doesn’t do its job, Ricky Magalhaes, head of the Offshore Security Services Division at Logicalis, looks at the steps CIOs can take to avoid data breaches in the first place – and, identifies the five cyber security questions a board might ask a CIO. Google “data […]

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Could Facebook’s dreams change your business?

Joanne Nelson, VP International Marketing at Logicalis, considers how Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg’s vision for the future of the business could affect the wider business community in the years to come. Last week, at the company’s annual F8 developer event in San Francisco, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg shared his vision for the future. If some of his […]

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From Output driven to Outcome driven

Fred Kouwenberg, Sales Director at Logicalis SMC, looks at the distinction between the output of our activities and the outcome, arguing that customers are not solely focused on delivering projects on time and within budget. The bigger picture is far more important. Much of what we do in business, and particularly IT, is focussed on […]

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