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Could skills gap hold back software defined (SDN) transformation?

Eugene Wolf, CEO of Logicalis SMC, looks at potential barriers to both SDN adoption and to the realisation of its true transformative value, and concludes that one stands head and shoulders above the rest – skills. Logicalis SMC recently took a lead role in a global Logicalis initiative designed to assess the future impacts of […]

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When flexible working met outsourcing

One ‘enterprising’ employee in the US last week reminded us of one the basic truths of IT security. Logicalis CEO Ian Cook looks at what happened when flexible working met outsourcing. At first glance, it is hard to know whether to applaud the audacity and inventiveness, or gasp at sheer breadth of the deceit.  Last […]

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Is there a staffing crisis that will change the face of IT?

Right now staffing accounts for more than 30% of the average IT budget – so it’s little wonder that headcount is always under scrutiny as companies look efficiencies and opportunities to manage costs.  However, there is an alternative view… In a blog posted early in 2011, Gartner’s Dave Cappuccio explored the issue in detail, asking […]

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