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Big Data Services

Dealing with Really Big Data – Hardware or software?

Rodrigo Parreira looks at the model that data behemoths like Google, Facebook and Amazon adopted to cope with a requirement to process and store huge quantities of big data – a model that is on the verge of going mainstream – and asks “how do they do it?” In the early 2000s, IT giants like Google, […]

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SDDC – Generate revenue in 4 hours, not 14 days

David Angradi, Director, Software Defined Data Centre Solutions, Logicalis US looks at how implementing a software-defined data centre (SDDC) can have a dramatic effect on how long it takes you to start generating income. Following a recent SDDC implementation a Logicalis client – a SaaS provider – slashed the time it took to provision new […]

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Shadow IT is a reality for 90% of CIOs

As line of business executives take ever more power over IT purchasing, leaving CIOs out of the loop. Joanne Nelson, VP of International Marketing at Logicalis, looks at the scale of the challenge facing IT leaders and wonders if IT departments are reaching a tipping point. The results from the latest Logicalis CIO Survey tell a […]

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Software Defined Networking (SDN) in under 1 minute

Joanne Nelson, VP of International Market for Logicalis Group, revisits Software Defined Networking (SDN) for non-technical executives. Two years ago we published a post called Software Defined Networking (SDN) for the non-technical CXO. The post was popular and cited by one pundit as the best analogy to explain SDN. This week we have condensed it in to […]

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SDx and The Software Defined City

Chris Gabriel looks at how a UK city is deploying SDN to create a technology-agnostic citywide network that will allow driverless car experiments, traffic and environmental sensor networks, and smart energy grid management. Since we started talking about Software Defined things, we have moved, along with the rest of the IT industry, from using the […]

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IT balance

The next IT platform: CIOs go ‘software defined’

Eugene Wolf, Managing Director at Logicalis SMC, looks at further results from the Optimal Services Study 2014, which confirms CIOs will move to adopt software defined technologies (SDx), as part of a ‘service-defined’ transformation – but faster than anyone imagined. This blog has covered ‘software defined technologies’ – from here on referred to simply as SDx […]

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Could skills gap hold back software defined (SDN) transformation?

Eugene Wolf, CEO of Logicalis SMC, looks at potential barriers to both SDN adoption and to the realisation of its true transformative value, and concludes that one stands head and shoulders above the rest – skills. Logicalis SMC recently took a lead role in a global Logicalis initiative designed to assess the future impacts of […]

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It’s not just me. ‘Software defined’ is the real deal

In a recent post entitled SDN. A fad, like 3D-TV? Only in technology defined enterprises, I described the impact of software defined networking (and indeed software defined data centres) thus: “SDN, and software defined other things like Data Centre, will be the biggest transformation in how we design, deploy, operate and provision IT services in […]

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SDN. A fad, like 3D-TV? Only in technology defined enterprises

Chris Gabriel explains why the SDN (Software Defined Networking) naysayers are wrong, and why they’d be mad to ignore a technology model that will change everything. A colleague grabbed me last week with a knowing look on his face. “Chris,” he said. “You know you have been pushing this SDN thing with a bit of […]

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Software Defined Networking (SDN) for the non-technical CXO

We recently announced at Logicalis that we are putting together a team to explore the immediate and future impact of Software Defined Networking. But to the non-technical CXO, what is an SDN? Gary Thomas explains. For the average technically minded executive many new concepts are understood by a form of osmosis coupled with a core […]

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