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The future of the CIO: Delivering the ‘pseudo service provider’ IESP model

In the third of a series of blogs about the future of the CIO and the IT function, Chris Gabriel looks at some of the changes he expects CIOs to make as they seek to transform IT functions into ‘internal enterprise service providers’ (IESP). There is no doubt that CIOs worldwide are facing a challenge […]

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The rise of Shadow IT – should CIOs take umbrage?

A recent article from Logicalis Australia discussed Shadow IT, sometimes know as Stealth IT, and how CIOs need to re-assert themselves in their organisations as other departments take the lion’s share of IT budget.  Joanne James, VP of International Marketing for Logicalis, takes a closer look at the issue. According to a recent survey by […]

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When flexible working met outsourcing

One ‘enterprising’ employee in the US last week reminded us of one the basic truths of IT security. Logicalis CEO Ian Cook looks at what happened when flexible working met outsourcing. At first glance, it is hard to know whether to applaud the audacity and inventiveness, or gasp at sheer breadth of the deceit.  Last […]

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Should businesses look to the Cloud for Disaster Recovery?

This week Kevin Clark asks whether the Cloud is a suitable component in a Disaster Recover solution and touches on some of the developments in this area as well as providing sound advice to CXOs who are considering exploring this potential opportunity.  Organisations the world over understand very well the need for recovery solutions that keep […]

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Data Centres – lessons from the field (Part 2)

This week we welcome back Steve Clarke, a former CIO with long experience at a senior level running IT operations.  In part 1, Steve talked about his experience moving data centre services for a major Telco and Broadband provider.  Here, in part 2 he sets out the lessons he learned along the way, how he […]

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