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8 ways the CIO can transform the IT department – and survive

Logicalis is currently examining the shift from technology-focused to services-led IT through its third Global Survey ‘CIO Pressures and Priorities’. Joanne Nelson, VP of International Market for Logicalis Group identifies eight ways a CIO can transform the IT department. Consumerisation of technology means it is available to everybody, not just specialists. Cloud technology has shifted […]

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The new IT department: Time to learn from the service portfolio experts

Chris Gabriel, CTO at Logicalis UK looks at the challenge facing IT departments as they strive to establish user-friendly service portfolios– and asks what they can learn from online retailers and marketers. In recent months we have been describing the shift from a technology-defined to a service-defined world, where IT departments imitate many of the […]

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ITSM. Making the whole greater than the sum of its parts

Eugene Wolf, MD of Logicalis SMC in The Netherlands, looks at the benefits associated with taking a holistic approach to ITSM, pointing out that a really effective implementation is about more than processes and tools – but must respond to the needs of people too. In his recent blog, The Fractional CIO and ITSM: Keeping the […]

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The Fractional CIO and ITSM: Keeping the balls in the air

Mike Alley, Director of IT Service Management for Logicalis US, looks at the role IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions can play in helping CIOs to maintain control of increasingly complex enterprise IT environments, which must deliver value across the full range of business functions. As Chris Gabriel recently pointed out in the blog ‘Are you […]

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What questions should you ask when choosing a Managed Service Provider?

Kevin Clark, Solution Architect at Logicalis North America, looks at the drivers behind a growing trend towards managed service adoption, and the questions a sensible CIO should ask before selecting a managed service provider (MSP). CIOs and IT departments are feeling the pressure.  Budgets remain tight, so every penny of IT spend is scrutinised.  On the […]

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The rise of Shadow IT – should CIOs take umbrage?

A recent article from Logicalis Australia discussed Shadow IT, sometimes know as Stealth IT, and how CIOs need to re-assert themselves in their organisations as other departments take the lion’s share of IT budget.  Joanne James, VP of International Marketing for Logicalis, takes a closer look at the issue. According to a recent survey by […]

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Has video collaboration come of age?

Rodrigo Parreira, CEO of Logicalis Latin America, explores the latest developments in video collaboration asking, ‘Now the user experience lives up to expectations, has the technology come of age as a tool for global collaboration? Has video collaboration come of age? The potential cost benefits of video conferencing have always been compelling. However, until recently, […]

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Is Your Organisation at the Edge of Innovation? It’s Time IT Applied the Final Push

Chris Gabriel, VP of Solutions Management at Logicalis Group, thinks ICT has too often been a limiting factor when it comes to innovation at the organisational edge.  He argues that the time, and the technology, is right for change. Is your organisation at the edge of innovation?  It’s time IT applied the final push For […]

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DNS Poisoning and the Enterprise

Fabio Hashimoto, Technology Manager at PromonLogicalis, gives us the low down on ‘DNS Poisoning’, a hacking technique exploiting inherent vulnerabilities in the internet technologies that are now commonplace in enterprise systems. First of all, what is DNS Poisoning? DNS Poisoning or DNS Cache Poisoning is a hacking technique that attempts to exploit a known weakness […]

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