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Shadow IT Department

The Rise of the Shadow IT Department

In this, the second post in a nine-part series, drawing on the Logicalis Global CIO study, Logicalis CEO Mark Rogers assesses how digital disruption is changing the way businesses procure, manage and consume technology – as well as what that means for CIOs and their teams. He looks in particular at a previous symptom of digital transformation […]

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Bringing IT up to business speed. Part 3: Cultural change

In the third in a series of three posts, James Tay, CEO Logicalis Asia, looks at the second transformation that IT departments must undertake if they are to acquire an accelerated capacity to respond to business need – a cultural transformation. In the first post in this series, I explained first how the consumerisation of […]

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Bringing IT up to business speed. Part 1: A changing relationship

In the first of a series of three posts James Tay, CEO, Logicalis Asia, explains why a growing impatience for transformational IT services in the enterprise is forging a new relationship between IT and business. Until now, enterprise IT services have been delivered at their own speed – specifically, at the rate at which the […]

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Christmas gifts and the tech leaders of the future

Chris Gabriel takes a look at technology based Christmas gifts and how the IT leaders of the future may well be influenced by what they receive this year. As Christmas draws closer, ‘pester-power’ is reaching a crescendo. Parents around the world are being nagged to buy the very latest offerings from all manner of sellers hopeful […]

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Is the CIO fightback underway?

As the Logicalis CIO Survey 2015 tells a story of the continued erosion of CIOs’ traditional powerbase, Joanne Nelson, VP of International Marketing at Logicalis, explains how IT leaders are fighting back through a services-led transformation of IT departments. In a recent post entitled Shadow IT is a reality for 90% of CIOs, I pointed out […]

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Shadow IT is a reality for 90% of CIOs

As line of business executives take ever more power over IT purchasing, leaving CIOs out of the loop. Joanne Nelson, VP of International Marketing at Logicalis, looks at the scale of the challenge facing IT leaders and wonders if IT departments are reaching a tipping point. The results from the latest Logicalis CIO Survey tell a […]

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The evolution of IT leadership

Rob Evans examines how IT leadership has developed over the past thirty years, and what the forces shaping change today means for today’s IT leaders. The first shadow age Way back – well the 1980s – IT rested firmly in the shadows. The accounts department addressed questions about computers, for a number of good reasons: First […]

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Navigating the rapids: How CIOs can stay relevant

Mike Alley looks at the challenges facing CIOs operating in an increasingly user-driven business technology landscape – and identifies three key steps that could help smart CIOs to transform IT departments, and their own roles, more quickly. In a world where as-a-service technology now makes on-demand experiences the norm for many end users, CIOs find themselves […]

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The IT power shift: How will CIOs respond?

As CIOs increasingly accept that line of business colleagues will take over IT purchasing decisions. Mark Rogers, President and COO at Logicalis, assesses their response – drawing on findings from the second annual Optimal Services Study to argue that they are actively seeking to re-shape IT departments as ‘internal service providers’. As the first in […]

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5 articles about the changing role of the CIO

Whilst most roles on the board develop over time, the CIO’s role is changing faster than others due to, amongst other things, the  consumerisation of IT resulting in Shadow IT led by line of business managers who know what they want, how it works and where to get it quicker than going through the IT […]

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