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Enterprise Innovation

Enterprise innovation: three strategies for CEOs to consider

Oliver Descoeudres from Logicalis Australia, outlines three strategies available to leaders to make enterprise innovation a reality. These include acquired innovation, organic innovation, and partner-led innovation.  1. Acquired innovation For many large corporations, acquisitions are the primary means to enterprise innovation. Taking over another company fast-tracks growth by granting the buyer immediate access to skills, […]

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ICT Education and the Raspberry Ripple

The next generation of digital innovators is already out there.  We are just not looking in the right places nor giving them the tools and support they need to flourish, says Chris Gabriel. But what has a Raspberry PI got to do with it? Speaking in October 2012, UK Education Secretary, Michael Gove said:  “If […]

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The Internet of things – can objects get social?

Ian Cook looks at the Internet of things and asks how this idea might manifest itself and, more importantly, what businesses should be doing to capitalise on the concept. It’s not news that there are now more devices connected to the internet than there are people in the world. In the main these devices are […]

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Harnessing Everyday Innovation – part 2

In the first of this two part series, Ian Cook, explored the role that communication and collaboration technologies can play in harnessing ‘informal innovation’.  In this second part, Logicalis UK MD, Tom Kelly, outlines the business and technology considerations that should guide the design of collaboration and communication infrastructure for harnessing innovation. As Ian rightly […]

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Harnessing everyday innovation – part 1

Ian Cook, CEO at Logicalis, explores the vital role that collaboration and communication tools and technologies can play in enabling a business culture in which everyday ideas and inspiration can have as great an impact as organised, strategic innovation projects. Innovation.  It is surely one of the 21st Century’s most over-used words.  I’d also argue it is […]

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