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Digital Enablement. The Great Modernisation

With digital now shorthand for many aspects of what is becoming a mainstream movement across the spectrum of industry and the public sector, business is changing fast. The world of business, in particular, is resolving into two camps: Those with digital technology in their DNA and those threatened by digital competitors. Those with ‘digital DNA’ […]

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What is a Digital Organisation?

In this post, we examine what is meant by a digital organisation. What are their common features and how does an ‘analogue’ organisation ‘go digital’? Most organisations are undergoing some form of digital transformation. That’s to be expected – 2016 is undoubtedly the dawn of the first ‘digital decade’. Given its incredible transformative potential, it’s no […]

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2016: The beginning of the first digital decade

The acceptance and importance of digital in society, government and business makes digital enablement the number one priority for CEOs for the next 10 years. In a recent survey of over 400 organisations across 24 countries, over 90% of CIOs said they were bypassed by line of business colleagues purchasing their own IT hardware, software […]

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