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2016: The beginning of the first digital decade

The acceptance and importance of digital in society, government and business makes digital enablement the number one priority for CEOs for the next 10 years. In a recent survey of over 400 organisations across 24 countries, over 90% of CIOs said they were bypassed by line of business colleagues purchasing their own IT hardware, software […]

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Is it time for CXOs to ‘get real’?

Logicalis recently launched the results of the 2013 Realtime Generation Survey (RTG), which looks at the digital footprint of today’s 13-17 year olds and captures their opinions on the digital future of the UK. Gerry Carroll asks if CXOs are prepared for the next wave of digital natives. The recent publication of the Realtime Generation […]

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ICT Education and the Raspberry Ripple

The next generation of digital innovators is already out there.  We are just not looking in the right places nor giving them the tools and support they need to flourish, says Chris Gabriel. But what has a Raspberry PI got to do with it? Speaking in October 2012, UK Education Secretary, Michael Gove said:  “If […]

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BYOD in Schools – High Definition Education?

BYOD in schools, Chris Gabriel looks at whether allowing school children to BYOD is a good idea or just a faddy notion. There is an argument that the use of technology and new inventions, such as BYOD, “dulls the memory and results in people seeming to know much, while for the most part knowing nothing”.  […]

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Why the Digital Natives need new Digital Adventurers

This week Chris Gabriel gives his view on the idea that the future of technology and innovation lies in the hands of “Digital Natives”.  He draws on his own formative technology experiences to argue that lifting the bonnet on Donkey Kong is a more meaningful education than flicking angry birds across a screen. You won’t […]

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