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CIA and Cyber Security

Think security, think CIA – but we’re not talking spies and sleuths The threat of cyber-attack is increasing every year, and only recently have we read about Dixon Carphone’s huge data breach last year. It’s bad for customers and it’s bad for business. According to figures published by the Online Trust Alliance, 2017 was the worst […]

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Data Backup Tape

The Big Data Backup Myth

Tom Bale, Business Development and Technical Director, Logicalis Channel Islands, argues that improved data management and use of structured records provide a better solution to data issues than relying on a data backup. There is more data out there than ever before. In 2012 IBM estimated we generate over 2.5 billion gigabytes of data a […]

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2017 Tech Predictions

Making predictions in an unpredictable world

In the year of Brexit and Trump, Chris Gabriel, Chief Digital Officer for Logicalis Europe predicts that electronic digital crime will explode, data privacy breaches will claim scalps, automation will be 2017’s buzzword and the open source movement will challenge profit-making business models in his 2017 tech predictions. It’s the time of year to engage […]

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Five cyber security questions CIOs must be able to answer…

Given the eye watering costs that can be incurred when security doesn’t do its job, Ricky Magalhaes, head of the Offshore Security Services Division at Logicalis, looks at the steps CIOs can take to avoid data breaches in the first place – and, identifies the five cyber security questions a board might ask a CIO. Google “data […]

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IT balance

Agility or Security?

Oliver Descoeudres, Logicalis Australia, looks at the security challenges inherent in delivering the more open environments that are a consequence of IT consumerisation and diverse demand for apps and services – and how CIOs can respond. The consumerisation of technology, the rapid rise of Shadow IT and the emergence of digital means the CIO and CTO […]

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Protect your Digital Assets – Take the CIA Approach

With data breaches making headlines worldwide, CIOs concerned about the security of their companies’ digital assets – and whether their organisations will recover if their data is stolen, lost or damaged – Bill Mansfield, Solution Architect, Data Protection and Availability, Logicalis US, suggests IT pros should assume their data is at risk and plan accordingly. […]

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Cyber liability insurance. Another Y2K or a new essential?

Mark Rogers looks at the huge and rapidly growing market for cyber liability insurance and the risks highlighted by those bringing these new products to market, to ask “Is this something we really need?” Cyber liability insurance, the insurance industry tells us, is designed to protect against the financial and, rather more esoterically, reputational risks […]

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When flexible working met outsourcing

One ‘enterprising’ employee in the US last week reminded us of one the basic truths of IT security. Logicalis CEO Ian Cook looks at what happened when flexible working met outsourcing. At first glance, it is hard to know whether to applaud the audacity and inventiveness, or gasp at sheer breadth of the deceit.  Last […]

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Bring your own device (BYOD) is here to stay, but what about the risks?

James Tay, CEO at Logicalis Asia, considers the options when it comes to managing the data security risks associated with BYOD. Should it be the traditional Network Access Control (NAC) approach, the belt and braces of Mobile Device Management or the less invasive Mobile Application Management? Today, nine out of 10 people worldwide own a […]

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