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CIA and Cyber Security

Think security, think CIA – but we’re not talking spies and sleuths The threat of cyber-attack is increasing every year, and only recently have we read about Dixon Carphone’s huge data breach last year. It’s bad for customers and it’s bad for business. According to figures published by the Online Trust Alliance, 2017 was the worst […]

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Data Backup Tape

The Big Data Backup Myth

Tom Bale, Business Development and Technical Director, Logicalis Channel Islands, argues that improved data management and use of structured records provide a better solution to data issues than relying on a data backup. There is more data out there than ever before. In 2012 IBM estimated we generate over 2.5 billion gigabytes of data a […]

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Protect your Digital Assets – Take the CIA Approach

With data breaches making headlines worldwide, CIOs concerned about the security of their companies’ digital assets – and whether their organisations will recover if their data is stolen, lost or damaged – Bill Mansfield, Solution Architect, Data Protection and Availability, Logicalis US, suggests IT pros should assume their data is at risk and plan accordingly. […]

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EU Data Protection Directive enters Hot Phase

Mark Rogers takes a look at the latest developments in the European Commission’s drive to harmonise data protection legislation across the EU with a new Data Protection Directive. This time last year I discussed the European Commission’s proposals for revisions to its Data Protection Directive.  In what EU diplomats have dubbed the “Hot Phase”, politicians, […]

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Should businesses look to the Cloud for Disaster Recovery?

This week Kevin Clark asks whether the Cloud is a suitable component in a Disaster Recover solution and touches on some of the developments in this area as well as providing sound advice to CXOs who are considering exploring this potential opportunity.  Organisations the world over understand very well the need for recovery solutions that keep […]

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The EC, Data Protection and the Compliance ‘Balance Sheet’

Mark Rogers, COO, Logicalis, gives us his view of the European Commission’s much anticipated draft update to its Data Protection Directive.  What does it mean for businesses and how will it affect the burden of compliance? “….the Commission released proposed draft amendments to the European data protection framework. If these remain materially intact through the […]

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