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Business Planning Analytics

3 Areas Beyond Finance to Benefit from Planning Analytics

Ismail El Kadiri, Business Planning and Analysis Lead Consultant, Logicalis UK, looks at three areas of business CxOs should consider prioritising after finance, to leverage the benefits of planning analytics and business intelligence (BI). Over the past decade, numerous planning and analytics solutions have surfaced in an effort to catch up with an increasingly complex […]

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CIO Survey 2017-2018

Headlines from the Global CIO Survey 2017-2018

Mark Rogers, CEO at Logicalis Group, digs into the Logicalis Global CIO Survey 2017-2018 to pick out some of the major topics arising from the survey of 890 CIOs in 23 countries. The big themes emerging from this years survey break CIO priorities down across three areas that could be mistaken for business as usual: […]

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IBM Watson

What is IBM Watson and what can it do?

Scott Hodges, Delivery Architect Information Insights at Logicalis UK, examines the latest buzz from Big Blue and asks “what is IBM Watson and what can it do?” A cursory glance at the IBM Watson website suggests it’s a tool for building chatbots but, while it can, a deeper dive reveals a lot more. IBM describe it […]

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Big Data Analytics and Leadership

Big data analytics and the leadership vacuum

We’re in the midst of a series of blog posts, dissecting the results of the Logicalis Global CIO study. In this article, Fanni Vig looks at why big data analytics needs senior business sponsorship. There’s a reason why football teams need effective managers, why battalions need commanding officers and businesses need visionary CEOs: People with […]

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Being 6 Years Late to the Analytics Party Could be a Blessing

Fanni Vig, Analytics Division Director at Logicalis UK, explains why now is the next best time to invest in business analytics, if organisations can learn from the mistakes of past – to see beyond the misconceptions that have to date destroyed return on around three quarters of analytics investments. Businesses still don’t really understand analytics. That’s the […]

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Business Intelligence

5 Business Intelligence (BI) articles for the CIO and CTO

Our recent CIO Survey shows analytics, and its business intelligence (BI) output, is a major concern for CIOs. Joanne Nelson draws our attention to five business intelligence articles from CXO Unplugged. The rise of cloud-based BI solutions (And the demise of on-premise?) The future of business intelligence. The business intelligence (BI) market has reached $13 billion and […]

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Optimise your storage for Big Data analytics

For most organisations, analytics is not the priority roadblock when it comes to extracting value from Big Data.  Bob Hankins explains why dealing with storage issues is the first job in most cases. According to IDC, data production will be 44 times greater in 2020 than it was in 2009 – if it is not […]

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Spatial intelligence: Understanding the new retail reality

Richard Simmons explains why changing consumer behaviour, driven by technological change since the birth of ecommerce 20 years ago, has been repeatedly mis-understood – and why real understanding might be just around the corner. Over the years, changes in consumer behaviours have been much mis-understood.  Conclusions have been jumped to and trends have been identified, […]

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Big Data – The Power of Real-Time Business Analytics

Gerry Carroll explains how more and more of today’s enterprises are deriving real transformative value from big data and real-time business analytics – successes that seemed unattainable just a short time ago. Companies in nearly every industry across the globe use big data in real time as they seek to increase company value and market […]

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Why I am really angry about government data collection

Chris Gabriel looks back on a period of controversy over government data collection practices and asks, “Which bit of my data do I most want collected and used?” In the last few weeks I have started to become really angry about the issue of government and data collection.  The recent newspaper stories related to various […]

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