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Agile Development, but what about Agile Deployment?

Fred Kouwenberg, Sales Director at Logicalis SMC looks at a key challenge today’s agile organisations pose for operations teams – deploying new releases to production immediately after development and testing is completed – arguing that an automatic and transparent process, agile deployment, is required if applications are to be delivered successfully. The highly competitive nature […]

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The future of the CIO: What is driving change?

In the second of a series of blogs about the future of the CIO and the IT function, Chris Gabriel looks at the business issues that are driving change, and how he expects roles to change in step with the emergence of a ‘service defined enterprise’. In the first in this series of blogs, I […]

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Harnessing Everyday Innovation – part 2

In the first of this two part series, Ian Cook, explored the role that communication and collaboration technologies can play in harnessing ‘informal innovation’.  In this second part, Logicalis UK MD, Tom Kelly, outlines the business and technology considerations that should guide the design of collaboration and communication infrastructure for harnessing innovation. As Ian rightly […]

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Creating an Aerodynamic Infrastructure (part 2)

In part 1 Tom Kelly discussed the features of an Aerodynamic Infrastructure and, in this second part, he identifies the required building blocks. In my last post I identified the main features of a truly Aerodynamic Infrastructure – operational excellence and efficiency, underpinned by best practices and processes, to deliver cost-effectiveness and seriously improved user experiences. In […]

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Creating an Aerodynamic Infrastructure (part 1)

Having made the argument for adopting an Aerodynamic Business model, this two part series continues the theme, looking at the elements needed to create an Aerodynamic Infrastructure. In part 1 we discuss the features of an Aerodynamic Infrastructure, whilst part 2 will set out the required building blocks. The primary feature of a truly Aerodynamic […]

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Creating the Aerodynamic Business (part 2)

Chris Gabriel continues to explore the concept of the ‘Aerodynamic Business’.  In this second of a two-part post, he looks at the four technology innovations that hold the key to adopting an Aerodynamic Business model. Imagine your organisation in a wind tunnel.  How would it fare?  Is it already so streamlined that it needs only […]

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Creating the Aerodynamic Business (part 1)

Chris Gabriel continues to explore the concept of the ‘Aerodynamic Business’.  In this two-part follow up to his first post in the series, Chris looks at the organisational attributes that define the Aerodynamic Business, and the four technology innovations that underpin them. In the first of this series of posts, I set out how businesses […]

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