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SDN Resources

According to Lionel Lamy, associate vice president, EMEA Enterprise Systems and Network Life-Cycle Services, IDC:

“Network virtualization and SDN enable a new way of looking at networking. The potential impact of the technology necessitates additional and in-depth professional services because SDN enables communications infrastructure to become software-programmable and brings the principles of cloud computing to the network.”

We have brought together several resources – articles, links, video and reports to provide a degree of insight into the world of Software Defined Networking and other SD(x) technologies such as Software Defined Data Centre (SDDC) and Software Defined Storage (SDS).


Software Defined Networking (SDN) for the non-technical CXO

Last October Logicalis put together a team to explore the immediate and future impact of Software Defined Networking. But to the non-technical CXO, what is an SDN? Gary Thomas explains.

SDN. A fad, like 3D-TV? Only in technology defined enterprises

Chris Gabriel explains why the SDN (Software Defined Networking) naysayers are wrong, and why they’d be mad to ignore a technology model that will change everything.

It’s not just me. ‘Software defined’ is the real deal

SDN, and software defined other things like Data Centre, will be the biggest transformation in how we design, deploy, operate and provision IT services in the next 20 years

Could skills gap hold back software defined (SDN) transformation?

Eugene Wolf, CEO of Logicalis SMC, looks at potential barriers to both SDN adoption and to the realisation of its true transformative value, and concludes that one stands head and shoulders above the rest – skills.

Other Sites of Interest

SDN Central – Community and Resource for SDN and NFV

Cisco Open Network Environment

HP Software Defined Networking

IBM Software Defined Networking

VMWare Software Defined Data Center

SD(x) Video

Logicalis Software Defined Demo at Futurecom 2013 in Brazil

SDN Reports/Whitepapers

Software Defined Networking – Part 1: The rise of programmable networks (pdf)

IDC MarketScape report highlights – ‘Western European Network Virtualization Solutions 2013 Vendor Assessment’.

Logicalis Software Defined Solutions and SD(x)

Visit the Logicalis Software Defined Solutions, SDN, SDDC and SDS – SD(x) page here 

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