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Third Platform and its Impact on CIOs

Earlier this year IDC Research predicted that cloud computing would grow even more rapidly over the coming years. In fact, IDC anticipates a tenfold increase in new cloud solutions, which is driven by what they call the ‘Third Platform’. Oliver …read more

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9 Articles about BYOD for the CIO and CTO

Over the past two years we have featured several articles about BYOD.  Here is a round up of those posts all aimed at the CIO, CTO and wider C-Level community. Feel free to comment if you have any thoughts about …read more

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If you want BYOD to work, do the maths

Chris Gabriel takes a look behind the hype to assess the economics of BYOD and asks, “Is everyone doing it just as well as Cisco?” BYOD is great, right? It saves on capital expenditure since employees actually buy the handsets …read more

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BYOD in Schools – Taking Care of Security

Following Chris Gabriel’s examination of BYOD in Education, this follow up addresses some of the security issues faced by BYOD in schools. Earlier this year we discussed how an increasing number of schools are seeking to enliven the education experience …read more

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How to COPE with BYOD

Chris Meager looks at Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE), a BYOD model that may suit organisations who require a higher degree of predictability over their network of devices, with the advantages of allowing users the benefits of integrating personal and …read more

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Real time education for the Real Time Generation

BYOD isn’t the only way to embed technology in education, says Chris Gabriel. The Real Time Generation survey, the results of which we released late last year, highlighted young people’s attitudes to technology in general, and technology in education in …read more

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BYOD in Schools – High Definition Education?

BYOD in schools, Chris Gabriel looks at whether allowing school children to BYOD is a good idea or just a faddy notion. There is an argument that the use of technology and new inventions, such as BYOD, “dulls the memory …read more

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No BYOD Policy? Time to grasp the nettle

Chris Gabriel considers why it is that so few organisations have a BYOD policy in place, despite allowing employees to use their own devices for corporate purposes – and highlights a series of issues that an effective BYOD policy must …read more

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Tis the season for predictions – ICT trends for 2013

In the run up to the holiday period, Logicalis CEO Ian Cook addresses some of the ICT trends for 2013. Consumers will be driving many ICT trends for 2013 and this will require investment by organisations to support a new …read more

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BYOD – Research findings released

A research white paper published today by Ovum and commissioned by Logicalis, reveals some interesting statistics about the willingness to use, and readiness to deploy, BYOD in the workplace. Ovum’s multi-market Q4 2012 BYOD survey gathered responses from 3,796 consumers …read more

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