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Eugene Wolf

About Eugene Wolf

Eugene has been Managing Director of Logicalis SMC since March 2013. Prior to this he had been Business Unit Director of 2e2 Consulting, which was bought by Logicalis Group, for just over six years. Eugene was founder of Q-Pex (part of 2e2), the largest HP-ITSM global partner, which introduced ServiceNow into Continental Europe in 2006 to become a tool independent advisor and implementor of ITSM .

With outspoken vision, enthusiasm and a firm commitment to clients and staff, he successfully guided 2e2 Consulting through the recent economic downturn and transformed it into a modern, service focussed ITSM knowledge house with an innovative portfolio and clients such as Shell, IBM, Ahold, Philips and Rabobank.

Eugene has a wealth of experience in the ITSM market and coined the phrase "Service Management as a Utility" which proposes that ITSM should be available on tap, just as reliable, and transparent.