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7 Digital Transformation (DX) articles you’ll want to read

| 16th October 2017 | No Comments

As we crunch the final numbers for the 2017-18 Logicalis CIO Survey, we thought it would be interesting to look back at the Digital Transformation (DX) trends and stories we have been posting over the past 24 months.

The beginning of the first digital decade

Here we herald the beginning of the Digital Decade stating that the acceptance and importance of digital in society, government and business makes digital enablement the number one priority for CEOs for the next 10 years. read…

What is a digital organisation?

In this post, we examined what is meant by a digital organisation. What are their common features and how does an ‘analogue’ organisation ‘go digital’? read…

Threat centric security for a digital world

Richard Alexander, Solutions Director for Logicalis in the UK, introduced an infographic that neatly summarises the expanding security considerations that are part and parcel with the digital transformation of business. read…

Digital enablement. The great modernisation

With digital now shorthand for many aspects of what is becoming a mainstream movement across the spectrum of industry and the public sector, business is changing fast. read…

3 digital challenges for CIOs

Joanne Nelson reveals how distributed IT, shadow IT departments and data security risks are the big issues for CIOs as they respond to challenges from digital disrupters. read…

Digital transformation – a familiar trend?

Rodrigo Parreira, CEO at Logicalis LATAM, explains why CIOs need comprehensive digital transformation strategies – drawing upon findings from a revealing study that polled over 700 CIOs from 24 countries. read…

The 3 keys to a digital transformation roadmap

Oliver Descoeudres from Logicalis Australia looked at the steps that any organisation setting out on a digital transformation journey must take and outlined 3 keys to a digital transformation roadmapread…

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