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5 Articles about Big Data for the CIO and CTO

| 7th April 2014 | No Comments

We take a look back at the articles we have posted over the past two years that discuss Big Data.  From our call in May 2012 to predict the future rather than analyse the past to why you should be angry with your government’s data collection.

Big Data - Big Errors?

Big Data – Big Errors?

Business Analytics – A Certain Something

Chris Gabriel, VP of Solutions Management at Logicalis Group, explores the world of ‘Big Data’, to look at the impact of ‘internet time’ on decision-making and the increasingly central role of business analytics in driving long term competitiveness.

Big Data or Accurate Data – Horse in, Beef out…

The impact of the European horsemeat scandal isn’t limited to every related piece of digital information in computer systems across Europe being wrong.  But that every other piece of data relating to that incorrect data is now also either wrong, or misinterpreted.

Big Data – Big errors and a funny feeling

With data calculation errors creating headlines, what are the basics that CIOs should address in the light of rapidly growing big data volumes and the increased danger of big errors?

The need for speed: Big data analytics, ‘real time’ and SAP HANA

Malek el Khazen looks at the role SAP HANA can play in addressing ‘the need for speed’ in big data analytics – how its ability to deliver business intelligence in real time gives CXOs 20/20 vision when they need it most.

Why I am really angry about government data collection

On the back of revelations that several governments have been collecting more data on citizens than might otherwise have been thought, we asked “Which bit of my data do I most want collected and used?”


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