The new skills: Planning for a service orientated future

Chris Gabriel, CTO at Logicalis UK, assesses the extent to which CIOs’ medium term focus on software defined technologies (SDx) and desire to transform IT departments into internal service providers is changing the market for IT skills. In a recent …read more

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The next IT platform: CIOs go ‘software defined’

Eugene Wolf, Managing Director at Logicalis SMC, looks at further results from the Optimal Services Study 2014, which confirms CIOs will move to adopt software defined technologies (SDx), as part of a ‘service-defined’ transformation – but faster than anyone imagined. This …read more

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Agile Development, but what about Agile Deployment?

Fred Kouwenberg, Sales Director at Logicalis SMC looks at a key challenge today’s agile organisations pose for operations teams – deploying new releases to production immediately after development and testing is completed – arguing that an automatic and transparent process, …read more

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The IT power shift: How will CIOs respond?

As CIOs increasingly accept that line of business colleagues will take over IT purchasing decisions. Mark Rogers, President and COO at Logicalis, assesses their response – drawing on findings from the second annual Optimal Services Study to argue that they …read more

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Why technological innovation makes Santa Claus more probable…

In the run up to Christmas, Chris Gabriel, CTO Logicalis UK, addresses how technology proves beyond doubt that Santa Claus exists and is increasing productivity due to technological innovation. It is incumbent upon us all, especially in the IT industry …read more

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Line of business purchasing power moves out of the shadows

Chris Gabriel, CTO Logicalis UK, looks at the implications for CIOs and IT departments of new research findings – which suggest shadow IT is now very much in the mainstream of IT purchase decision-making. It might be time to come …read more

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The new IT department: Time to learn from the service portfolio experts

Chris Gabriel, CTO at Logicalis UK looks at the challenge facing IT departments as they strive to establish user-friendly service portfolios– and asks what they can learn from online retailers and marketers. In recent months we have been describing the …read more

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Get Ready for the Internet of Things – Part 2

In the second of a two-part series, Lucas Pinz, senior technology manager, PromonLogicalis, looks at how the Internet of Things will transform the ICT industry – and assesses the challenges that must still be overcome if the opportunities inherent in …read more

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Get Ready for the Internet of Things – Part 1

In the first of a two-part series, Lucas Pinz, senior technology manager, PromonLogicalis, looks at evolution of the Internet of Things – the technology ecosystem that will enable it and the tangible benefits it will deliver – and points out …read more

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4 steps towards successful Application Portfolio Management

In many organisations, line of business managers can commission new applications – few, though, have an overview of the entire portfolio. This results in a complex, inefficient and costly landscape. Erwin ter Berg, Director of Operations at Logicalis SMC, looks …read more

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