The ‘Generation of Things’ Has Arrived

Chris Gabriel looks at Logicalis UK’s seventh Realtime Generation survey of UK teens.  With smart cities, the IoT and wearables already upon us, it’s the most revealing yet… From way back in 2007 when we found Bebo to be the …read more

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6 articles about business analytics

This week we look back at six articles we have posted over the past three years that discuss Business Analytics.  In May 2012 we proposed predicting the future rather than analysing the past and last week we looked at the …read more

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Big Data – The Power of Real-Time Business Analytics

Gerry Carroll explains how more and more of today’s enterprises are deriving real transformative value from big data and real-time business analytics – successes that seemed unattainable just a short time ago. Companies in nearly every industry across the globe …read more

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Solve your organisation’s IT backup headaches – Backup-as-a-Service

Kama Pathy, Technical Director, Logicalis Singapore argues that legacy backup solutions create unnecessary drag for organisations trying to adopt lean and efficient IT infrastructure, and points out that Backup-as-a-Service offers a streamlined, efficient solution. In our new IT reality, where …read more

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Taking on the BYOD Influx

Chris Gabriel argues that businesses will, sooner or later, be forced to embrace BYOD and offers a series of tips for anyone preparing the ground for a productive, collaborative, yet secure BYOD environment. In the post PC era, many people …read more

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Overcoming the Three Big Data Hurdles: Three ‘Vs’ or Four?

Alex Watson-Jackson identifies the key barriers that continue to prevent businesses from realising the true value of real-time business analysis of big data, and offers tips on how to overcome them. When it comes to unleashing the full power of …read more

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Flash Storage: Changing the Speed of Business

Steve Pelletier looks at how flash storage’s ability to accelerate time-to-information could make it a key weapon for business and IT professionals seeking to deliver for IT infrastructure transformations that strike the right balance between performance and cost. Today’s IT …read more

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The new skills: Planning for a service orientated future

Chris Gabriel, CTO at Logicalis UK, assesses the extent to which CIOs’ medium term focus on software defined technologies (SDx) and desire to transform IT departments into internal service providers is changing the market for IT skills. In a recent …read more

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The next IT platform: CIOs go ‘software defined’

Eugene Wolf, Managing Director at Logicalis SMC, looks at further results from the Optimal Services Study 2014, which confirms CIOs will move to adopt software defined technologies (SDx), as part of a ‘service-defined’ transformation – but faster than anyone imagined. This …read more

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Agile Development, but what about Agile Deployment?

Fred Kouwenberg, Sales Director at Logicalis SMC looks at a key challenge today’s agile organisations pose for operations teams – deploying new releases to production immediately after development and testing is completed – arguing that an automatic and transparent process, …read more

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