Defining Service-led Transformation – Part 2 Service Defined Enterprise

In this second of a two part series Mark Rogers examines the real world impact of the shift to ‘Third Platform IT” and the rise of the “Service Defined Enterprise” – what it means for CIOs, IT Departments and the …read more

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Defining Service-led Transformation – Part 1. Third Platform

In this, the first of a two part series, Mark Rogers, President and COO of Logicalis Group, examines the impact of the “Third Platform” on enterprise IT  – what‘s driving it, how it will affect IT procurement and what it …read more

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6 articles about IPv6

In the next month, CXO Unplugged will be publishing figures collated by Logicalis from Cisco labs, that reveal how ready the world is for IPv6 – early reports suggest “not very.” As a precursor to the announcement of those figures, …read more

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Third Platform and its Impact on CIOs

Earlier this year IDC Research predicted that cloud computing would grow even more rapidly over the coming years. In fact, IDC anticipates a tenfold increase in new cloud solutions, which is driven by what they call the ‘Third Platform’. Oliver …read more

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Continuous delivery: Huge advantages, but challenges too

Drawing on over 15 years of experience in the professionalisation of IT departments, Eugene Wolf, Director at Logicalis SMC, looks at the benefits and challenges associated with the adoption of a Continuous Delivery model. DevOps; the final IT-frontier. In a …read more

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The rise of cloud-based BI solutions (And the demise of on-premise?)

Joanne Nelson, VP International Marketing for Logicalis Global, assesses the future of business intelligence solutions, as research suggests on-premise solutions may soon be consigned to history. As the business intelligence (BI) market reaches $13 billion, IT leaders searching for new …read more

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5 articles about the changing role of the CIO

Whilst most roles on the board develop over time, the CIO’s role is changing faster than others due to, amongst other things, the  consumerisation of IT resulting in Shadow IT led by line of business managers who know what they …read more

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Why Aren’t Enterprises in Singapore Moving To The Cloud?

Andy Waroma, VP for Business Development, Logicalis Asia, looks at why the region’s IT Managers and CIOs still have a preference for hardware, and so far resist a move towards software and services. I moved to Singapore over fourteen years …read more

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Could skills gap hold back software defined (SDN) transformation?

Eugene Wolf, CEO of Logicalis SMC, looks at potential barriers to both SDN adoption and to the realisation of its true transformative value, and concludes that one stands head and shoulders above the rest – skills. Logicalis SMC recently took …read more

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Is IT succeeding in redefining its business role?

Ed Konopasek, VP, Cloud and Data Centre Solutions says evidence that CIOs are redefining the role of IT departments – from maintenance to a function that ensures business and technology work as one – is mounting up. In a recent …read more

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